Veština Boss Lokacija
Vrsta Boss-a
Double Dragon Lian, Dragon's Petal
Wajjun Bazaar Unknown
Elemental Attunement Geckokaru Earthwind Perdition Rock
Chung, the Attuned The Undercity
Energy Boon Tarlok Evermind Ferndale
Ether Prodigy Jyth Sprayburst Ring Of Fire
Breeze Keeper
Ether Renewal Vassa Ssiss Elona Reach
Issah Sshay Thirsty River
Glimmering Mark Alana PekPek Witman's Folly
Edibbo PekPek Talus Chute
Edibbo PekPek Spearhead Peak
Glyph of Energy Hyl Thunderwing Mineral Springs
Glyph of Renewal Nayl Klaw Tuthan Perdition Rock
Gust Rahse Windcatcher Mourning Veil Falls
Blood Drinker
Amadis, Wind of the Sea Silent Surf
Lightning Surge Facet Of Elements Dragons Lair
Sarss Stormscale Maishang Hills
Mind Burn Scelus Prosum Hell's Precipice
Mind Freeze Maak Frostfiend Witman's Folly
Ice Imp
Maak Frostfiend
Spearhead Peak
Ice Imp
Skitt Skizzle Ice Floe
Ice Imp
Baubao Wavewrath The Undercity
Mind Shock Old Red Claw Snake Dance
Mirror of Ice Elementalist Construct Sunjiang District (Mission)
Mist Form Eidolen Iron Mines of Moladune
Eidolen Ring Of Fire
Brrrr Windburn Talus Chute
Azure Shadow
Sala Chillbringer Snake Dance
Azure Shadow
Ice Beast Mineral Springs
Obsidian Flesh Harn Coldstone Perdition Rock Human
Bizzr Ironshell Mourning Veil Falls
Whyk Steelshell Gyala Hatchery
Leviathan Claw
Ride the Lightning Kurvie Firewing Unwaking Waters (Explorable)
Saltspray Dragon
Second Wind Snapjaw Windshell Archipelagos
Rockhide Dragon
Shatterstone The Ancient Arborstone
Wiseroot Shatterstone The Eternal Grove
Dragon Root
Wavecrest Stonebreak Rhea's Crater
Shockwave Zarnas Stonewrath Arborstone
Arbor Earthcall Morostav Trail
Bahnba Shockfoot Gyala Hatchery
Star Burst Bound Teinai Tahnnakai Temple
Star Ancient Koosun Raisu Pavillion (Mission)
Thunderclap Chrysos The Magnetic Thunderhead Keep
Mursaat (Unconfirmed)
Maida The Ill Tempered Ring Of Fire Mursaat
Optimus Caliph Abaddon's Mouth
Kratos the Foul Iron Mines of Moladune
Mursaat Elementelist
Ice Floe
Mursaat (No special name, check for Red aura)
Unsteady Ground Seacrash, Elder Guardian Maishang Hills
Ward Against Harm Arkhel Havenwood Frozen Forest
Water Trident Berg Frozenfist Ice Caves of Sorrow
Siege Ice Golem
The Judge Thunderhead Keep
Siege Ice Golem
Boreal Kubeclaw Frozen Forest
Stone Summit
Flint Fleshcleaver Grenth's Footprint
Stone Summit
Chunk Clumpfoot Lornar's Pass
Stone Summit






Veština Boss Lokacija
Vrsta Boss-a
Arcane Languor Bound Kitah Tahnnakai Temple
Arcane Ancient Phi Raisu Palace
Crippling Anguish Barl Stormsiege Frozen Forest
Stone Summit
Fuury Stonewrath Thunderhead Keep
Stone Summit
Yxthoshth Salt Flats
Phantom (Rangers Path Quest Only)
Jonar Stonebender Ice Caves of Sorrow
Stone Summit
Erzek Runebreaker Lornar's Pass Stone Summit
Gorrel Rockmolder Grenth's Footprint
Stone Summit
Garbok Handsmasher Sorrow's Furnace
Stone Summit
Korvald Willcrusher Sorrow's Furnace
Stone Summit
Vokur Grimshackles Sorrow's Furnace
Stone Summit
Hierophant Morlog Sorrow's Furnace
Stone Summit (Unspeakable, Unknowable quest only)




Skill Name Boss Name - Boss Location - Boss Type

Echo Rwek Khawl Mawl - Perdition Rock - Hydra
The Time Eater - The Eternal Grove - Skill Hungry Gaki
Mohby Windbeak - Gyala Hatchery - Leviathan Claw
Energy Drain Snik Hungrymind - Spearhead Peak - Ice Imp
Snik Hungrymind - Witman's Folly - Ice Imp
Gambol Headrainer - Ice Floe - Ice Imp
Siska Scalewand - Archipelagos - Naga
Energy Surge Melek The Virtuous - Ring Of Fire - Mursaat
Mercia The Smug - Abaddon's Mouth - Mursaat
Balasi the Arcane - Iron Mines of Moladune - Mursaat
Mursaat Mesmer - Ice Floe - Mursaat (No special name, check for Purple aura)
Milefaun Mindflayer - Mourning Veil Falls - Unknown
Expel Hexes Jin the Purifier - Bukdek Byway - Unknown
Fevered Dreams Plexus Shadowhook - Abaddon's Mouth - Spider
Illusionary Weaponry Seear Windlash - Talus Chute - Azure Shadow
Digo Murkstalker - Iron Mines of Moladune - Azure Shadow
Didn Hopestealer - Snake Dance - Azure Shadow
Ineptitude Wyt Sharpfeather - Mineral Springs - Avicara
Keystone Signet Rune Ethercrash - Spearhead Peak - Ice Golem
Lyssa's Aura Hai Jii - Nahpui Quarter - Celestial Creature
Mantra of Recall Facet of Chaos - Dragons Lair - Dragon
Featherclaw - Snake Dance - Griffon
Mantra of Recovery Goss Aleesh - Thirsty River - Forgotten
Tiss Danssir - Elona Reach - Forgotten
Ayassah Hess - Dunes of Despair - Forgotten
Mugra Swiftspell - Ferndale - Forgotten
Migraine Pytt Spitespew - Ring Of Fire - Breeze Keeper
Panic Moles Quibus - Hell's Precipice - Hand/Fist
Power Block Lyssa's Cursed - Perdition Rock - Flesh Golem
Power Leech Seaguard Hala - Boreas Seabed - Unknown
Psychic Distraction Mesmer's Construct - Sunjiang District (Mission) - Shiro'Ken
Psychic Instability Chazek Plague Herder - Unwaking Waters (Explorable) - Outcast
Recurring Insecurity Xisni Dream Haunt - Mourning Veil Falls - Blood Drinker
Talous the Mad - Rhea's Crater - Outcast
Shared Burden Deeproot Sorrow - Mourning Veil Falls - Undergrowth
Shenrii, Sea Sorrow - Silent Surf - Kirin
Shatter Storm Mina Shatter Storm - The Undercity - Unknown
Signet of Midnight Malus Phasmatis - Perdition Rock - Phantom
Stolen Speed The Afflicted Li Yun - Vizunah Square - Afflicted
The Afflicted Li Yun - Shenzun Tunnels - Afflicted
The Afflicted Meeka - Dragon's Throat - Afflicted






Skill Name Boss Name - Boss Location - Boss Type
Air of Enchantment Jayne Forestlight - The Eternal Grove - Warden
Miella Lightwing - Silent Surf - Salt Spray Dragon
Amity Pravus Obsideo - Perdition Rock - Phantom
Aura of Faith Coventina The Matron - Ring Of Fire - Mursaat
Willa The Unpleasant - Abaddon's Mouth - Mursaat
Mursaat Monk - Ice Floe - Mursaat (No special name, check for blue aura)
Demetrois the Enduring - Thunderhead Keep - Mursaat (Unconfirmed)
Blessed Light Ssuns, Blessed of Dwayna - Archipelagos - Unknown
Boon Signet Mungri Magicbox - Ferndale - Dredge
Empathic Removal Byzzr Wingmender - Melandru's Hope - Unknown
Healing Burst The Scar Eater - The Eternal Grove - Unknown
Incetol, Devout of the Depths - Rhea's Crater - Outcast
Healing Hands Rull Browbeater - Perdition Rock - Ettin
Healing Light KaySey Stormray - Archipelagos - Skuttle Fish
Life Barrier Eshnal Hardwood - Frozen Forest - Pinesoul
Quickroot - Lornar's Pass - Pinesoul
Life Sheath Seaguard Gita - Boreas Seabed - Unknown
Monk's Construct - Sunjiang District (Mission) - Construct
Mark of Protection Lokar Icemender - Iron Mines of Moladune - Dolyak Master
Mesqul Ironhealer - Frozen Forest - Stone Summit
Bolis Hillshaker - Thunderhead Keep - Stone Summit
Darda Goldenchief - Ice Caves of Sorrow - Stone Summit
Wroth Yakslapper - Grenth's Footprint - Stone Summit
Kepkhet Marrowfeast - Prophet's Path - Scarab
Brohn Stonehart - Sorrow's Furnace - Stone Summit
Gardock Stonesoul - Sorrow's Furnace - Stone Summit
Gulnar Irontoe - Sorrow's Furnace - Stone Summit (Kilroy Stoneskin quest only)
Martyr Dwayna's Cursed - Perdition Rock - Flesh Golem
Rien, the Martyr - Shenzun Tunnels - Unknown
Peace and Harmony Marnta Doomspeaker - Snake Dance - Human
Ray of Judgement The Afflicted Miju - The Undercity - Afflicted
The Afflicted Miju - Vizunah Square - Afflicted
Restore Condition Spindle Agonyvein - Abaddon's Mouth - Spider
Shield of Deflection Grun Galesurge - Ring Of Fire - Breeze Keeper
Shield of Regeneration Facet Of Light - Dragon's Lair - Dragon
Meril Stoneweaver - Altrumm Ruins - Unknown
Shield of Judgment Myd Springclaw - Mineral Springs - Avicara
Signet of Judgment Frostbite - Talus Chute - Azure Shadow
Frostbite - Ice Floe - Azure Shadow
Balt Duskstrider - Iron Mines of Moladune - Azure Shadow
Fawl Driftstalker - Snake Dance - Azure Shadow
Scourgewind - Silent Surf - Elder Guardian
Spell Breaker Raptorhawk - Snake Dance - Griffon
Bound Karei - Tahnnakai Temple - Construct
Untouched Ancient Ky - Raisu Palace - Shiro'ken
Unyielding Aura Ipillo Wupwup - Witman's Folly - Grawl
Kaia Wupwup - Spearhead Peak - Grawl
Withdraw Hexes Hukhrah Earthslove - Mount Qinkai - Yeti
Word of Censure Quufu - Wajjun Bazaar - Unknown
Shen The Magistrate - Wajjun Bazaar - Unknown
Word of Healing Wissper Inssani - Elona Reach - Forgotten
Josso Essher - Thirsty River - Forgotten
Dassk Arossyss - Dunes of Despair - Forgotten
ZiinfaunLifeforce - Xaquang Skyway - Mantis






Skill Name Boss Name - Boss Location - Boss Type
Animate Flesh Golem Ghial the Bone Dancer - Xaquang Skyway - Jade Brotherhood Necromancer
Aura of the Lich Maligo Libens - Hell's Precipice - Titan
Blood is Power Cry Darkday - Snake Dance - Azure Shadow
Chan the Dragon's Blood - The Undercity - Unknown
Cultist's Fervor Kyril Oathwarden - Morostav Trail - Warden
Cultis Rajazan - Unwaking Waters - Unknown
Cultist Milthuran - Rhea's Crater - Outcast
Discord Sessk - Maishang hills - Woe Spreader
Feast of Corruption Maw The Mountain Heart - Dreadnought's Drift - Wurm
Maw the Mountain Heart - Grenth's Footprint - Wurm
Grenth's Balance Facet of Darkness - Dragons Lair - Dragon
Mraggah - Frozen Forest - Phantom (Heroes Path Quest Only)
Icy Veins Bazzr Icewing - Drazach Thicket - Mantis
Life Transfer Feodor The Baneful - Iron Mines of Moladune - Mursaat
Agyrus The Scoundrel - Thunderhead Keep - Mursaat
Odelyn The Displeased - Ring Of Fire - Mursaat
Sarlic The Judge - Abaddon's Mouth - Mursaat
Mursaat Necromancer - Ice Floe - Mursaat (No special name, check for Dark Green aura)
Lingering Curse Grenth's Cursed - Perdition Rock - Flesh Golem
Craw Stonereap - Altrumm Ruins - Unknown
Offering of Blood Riine Windrot - Thunderhead Keep - Stone Summit
Jollen Steelblight - Frozen Forest - Stone Summit
Hornak Ironcurse - Ice Caves of Sorrow - Stone Summit
Tonfor Copperblood - Lornar's Pass - Stone Summit
Morgriff Shadestone - Grenth's Footprint - Stone Summit
Order of Apostasy The Afflicted Huan - The Undercity - Afflicted
The Afflicted Thu - Bukdek Byway - Afflicted
The Afflicted Lau - Unwaking Waters (Kurzick) (Mission) - Afflicte
Order of the Vampire Uussh Visshta - Elona Reach - Forgotten
Rysaa Hisst - Dunes of Despair - Forgotten
Hessper Sasso - Thirsty River - Forgotten
Plague Signet Karobo Dimdim - Witman's Folly - Grawl
Allobo Dimdim - Spearhead Peak - Grawl
Hargg Plaguebinder - Ferndale - Unknown
Soul Bind Necromancers Construct - Sunjiang District (Mission) - Shiro'Ken
Soul Leech Goss Darkweb - Abaddon's Mouth - Spider
Spiteful Spirit Nighh SpineChill - Talus Chute - Azure Shadow
Ceru Gloomrunner - Iron Mines of Moladune - Azure Shadow
Sapph Blacktracker - Snake Dance - Azure Shadow
Spoil Victor Foalcrest Darkwish - Mourning Veil Falls - Unknown
Sourbeak Rockshell - Silent Surf - Rockhide Dragon
Tainted Flesh Dosakaru Fevertouch - Perdition Rock - Drake
Konrru, Tainted Stone - Morostav Trail - Krin
Lukrker Foulfist - Gyala Hatchery - Yeti
Vampiric Spirit Dark Fang - Arborstone (Mission) - Unknown
Kaswa Webstrider - Arborstone (Explorable) - Blood Drinker
Virulence Unthet Rotwood - Frozen Forest - Pinesoul
Wail of Doom Bound Naku - Tahnnakai Temple - Construct
Doomed Ancient Kkraz - Raisu Palace - Unknown
Weaken Knees Froth Stonereap - Altrumm Ruins - Unknown
Rot Foulbelly - Melandru's Hope - Unknown
Well of Power Nhy Darkclaw - Mineral Springs - Avicara
Wither Ignis Effigia - Perdition Rock - Phantom






Skill Name Boss Name - Boss Location - Boss Type
Archer's Signet Nundak the Archer - Melandru's Hope - Dredge Gatherer
Barrage Markis - Iron Mines of Moladune - Human
Snyk The Hundred Tongue - Abaddon's Mouth - Wurm
Chkkr Thousand Tail - Drazach Thicket - Unknown
Aurora - Boreas Seabed - Human
Broad Head Arrow The Afflicted Huan - Vizunah Square - Afflicted
The Afflicted Huan - Sunjiang District (Explorable) - Afflicted
Daeman - Boreas Seabed - Human
The Afflicted Pana - Unwaking Waters (Kurzick) (Mission) - Afflicted
Crippling Shot Melandru's Cursed - Perdition Rock - Flesh Golem
Enraged Lunge Royen Beast Keeper - Nahpui Quarter - Unknown
Equinox Ranger Construct - Sunjiang District (Mission) - Shiro'Ken
Escape Whuup Buumbuul - Talus Chute - Troll
Whuup Buumbuul - Snake Dance - Troll
Stsou Swiftscale - Maishang Hills - Naga
Famine Bound Zojun - Tahnnakai Temple - Construct
Famished Ancient Brrne - Raisu Pavillion (Mission) - Unknown
Ferocious Strike Thul The Bull - Spearhead Peak - Stone Summit
Glass Arrows Lorelle, Jade Cutter - Rhea's Crater - Outcast
Nadet, Glass Weaver - Morostov Trail - Dredge Gatherer
Greater Conflagration Valetudo Rubor - Hell's Precipice - Hand/Fist
Heal as One Salke Fur Friend - Melandru's Hope - Warden
Incendiary Arrows Casses Flameweb - Ring of Fire - Lava Spitter
Lacerate Ryver Mossplanter - Arborstone - Warden
Marksman's Wager Custodian Jenus - Elona Reach - Forgotten
Custodian Phedous - Thirsty River - Forgotten
Melandru's Arrows Ulhar Stonehound - Thunderhead Keep - Stone Summit
Resnar Mountaininsight - Frozen Forest - Stone Summit
Gargash Thornbeard - Grenth's Footprint - Stone Summit
Drago Stoneherder - Sorrow's Furnace - Stone Summit
Graygore Boulderbeard - Sorrow's Furnace - Stone Summit
Tarnok Forgerunner - Sorrow's Furnace - Stone Summit
Melandru's Resilience Facet of Nature - Dragon's Lair - Dragon
Melandru's Shot Razortongue Frothspit - Archipelagos - Creeping Carp
Oath Shot Perfected Cloak - Thunderhead Keep - Jade
Cairn The Troubling - Ring Of Fire - Jade
Cairn The Relentless - Abaddon's Mouth - Jade
Hilios The Dutiful - Iron Mines of Moladune - Jade
Jade Bow - Ice Floe - Jade (No special name, check for Green aura)
Practiced Stance Ryk Arrowwing - Mineral Springs - Avicara
Poison Arrow Salani Pippip - Witman's Folly - Grawl
Kekona Pippip - Spearhead Peak - Grawl
Kekona Pippip - Talus Chute - Grawl
Punishing Shot Thul Boulderrain - Snake Dance - Giant
Quick Shot Maxine Coldstone - Perdition Rock - Human
Razorjaw Longspine - Silent Surf - Creeping Carp
Spike Trap Vulg Painbrain - Ring Of Fire - Ettin
Meysang The Sadistic - Pongmei Valley - Am Fah
Trapper's Focus Chehbaba Roottripper - Mount Qinkai - Yeti





Skill Name Boss Name - Boss Location - Boss Type
Auspicious Parry Bound Jaizhanju - Tahnnakai Temple - Construct
Sword Ancient Kai - Raisu Pavillion (Mission) - Unknown
Backbreaker Ferk Mallet - Ring Of Fire - Ettin
Battle Rage Smukk Foombool - Snake Dance - Troll
Krogg Shmush - Talus Chute - Troll
Arrahhsh Mountainclub - Mount Qinkai - Yeti
Bull's Charge Skintekaru Manshredder - Perdition Rock - Drake
Grognard Gravelhead - Sorrow's Furnace - Stone Summit
"Charge!" Balthazar's Cursed - Perdition Rock - Flesh Golem
Jacqui the Reaver - Gyala Hatchery - Human
Merkie the Reaver - Unwaking Waters - Outcast
Cleave Marka Granitehand - Iron Mines of Moladune - Stone Summit
Gornar Bellybreaker - Thunderhead Keep - Stone Summit
Linka Goldensteel - Frozen Forest - Stone Summit
Virag Bladestone - Ice Caves of Sorrow - Stone Summit
Razorfiend Fleshrend - Rhea's Crater - Creeping Carp
Chkkr Ironclaw - Mourning Veil Falls - Mantis
Coward Kayali the Brave - Mount Qinkai - Outcast
Defy Pain Obrhit Barkwood - Frozen Forest - Pinesoul
Clobberhusk - Lornar's Pass - Pinesoul
Devastating Hammer Martigris the Stalwars - Iron Mines of Moladune - Jade
Perfected Armor - Thunderhead Keep - Jade
Cairn The Destroyer - Abaddon's Mouth - Jade
Cairn The Smug - Ring Of Fire - Jade
Jade Armor - Ice Floe - Jade (No special name, check for Yellow aura)
Sentasi, the Jade Maul - Silent Surf - Outcast
Dragon Slash S'skai, Dragon's Birth - Boreas Seabed (Zone) - Naga
Seaguard Eli - Boreas Seabed - Unknown
Dwarven Battle Stance Slonak Copperbark - Iron Mines of Moladune - Stone Summit
Thorgall Bludgeonhammer - Grenth's Footprint - Stone Summit
Malinon Threshammer - Sorrow's Furnace - Stone Summit
Earth Shaker Kor Stonewrath - Snake Dance - Giant
Enraged Smash Afflicted Guardsmen Chun - Bukdek Byway - Afflicted
The Afflicted Ako - Vizunah Square - Afflicted
The Afflicted Ako - Shadow's Passage - Afflicted
Eviscerate Toritudo Probo - Hell's Precipice - Titan
Tanzit Razorstone - Sorrow's Furnace - Stone Summit
Flourish Syr Honorcrest - Mineral Springs - Avicara
Forceful Blow Stone Judge - Arborstone - Unknown
Gladiator's Defense Facet of Strength - Dragons Lair - Dragon
Hundred Blades Undead Prince Rurik - Hell's Precipice - Undead
Warrior's Construct - Sunjiang District (Mission) - Construct
Primal Rage Strongroot Tanglebranch - Morostav Trail - Dragon Root
Reefclaw Ragebound - Gyala Hatchery - Leviathan Claw
Quivering Blade Sun the Quivering Blade - Wajjun Bazaar - Am Fah Warrior
Shove Tarnen The Bully - Ferndale - Dredge
Dredge Guardian - Melandru's Hope - Dredge
Skull Crack Hail Blackice - Spearhead Peak - Ice Golem
Triple Chop Wing, Three Blades - Bukdek Byway - Unknown
"Victory Is Mine!" Sakalo Yawpyawl - Witman's Folly - Grawl
Jono Yawpyawl - Spearhead Peak - Grawl
Jono Yawpyawl - Talus Chute - Grawl
Warrior's Endurance Custodian Dellus - Elona Reach - Forgotten
Custodian Hulgar - Thirsty River - Forgotten
Custodian Fidius - Dunes of Despair - Forgotten
Whirling Axe Geoffer Pain Bringer - Boreas Seabed (Explorable) - Outcast






Skill Name Boss Name - Boss Location - Boss Type
Attuned Was Songkai The Skill Eater - Drazach Thicket - Gaki
Clamor of Souls Pain Eater - Drazach Thicket - Gaki
Consume Soul Tomton Spiriteater - Mount Qinkai - Yeti
Defiant Was Xinrae Bound Kolai - Tahnnakai Temple - Construct
Grasping Was Kuurong Ssyn Coiled Grasp - Archipelagos - Naga
Preservation Flower Spiritgarden - The Eternal Grove - Warden
Soulwhisper - Gyala Hatchery - Elder Guardian
Ritual Lord Spiritroot Mossbeard - The Eternal Grove - Undergrowth
Whispering Ritual Lord - Silent Surf - Irukandji (Does NOT Spawn if 'The Dragon Hunter' Quest is Active)
Signet of Spirits Wagg Spiritspeak - Ferndale - Dredge
Soul Twisting Ritualist Construct - Morostav Trail - Shiro'Ken
Ritualist Construct - Sunjiang District (Mission) - Shiro'Ken
Spirit Channeling Cho, Spirit Empath - Shenzun Tunnels - Human
Spirit Light Weapon Chkkr Brightclaw - Melandru's Hope - Mantis
Tranquil Was Tanasen Orosen, Tranquil Acolyte - Xaquang Skyway - Human
Vengeful Was Khanhei Bazzr Dustwing - Mourning Veil Falls - Mantis
Delic The Vengance Seeker - Rhea's Crater - Human
Wanderlust Quansong Spiritspeak - Thannakai Temple - Temple Guardian
Weapon of Quickening The Afflicted Hakaru - Pongmei Valley - Afflicted
The Afflicted Xenxo - Unwaking Waters (Kurzick) (Mission) - Afflicted
The Afflicted Hakaru - Vizunah Square (Mission) - Afflicted
The Afflicted Xenxo - The Eternal Grove (Kurzick) (Mission) - Afflicted






Skill Name Boss Name - Boss Location - Boss Type
Assassin's Promise Xuekao, The Deceptive - Pongmei Valley - Am Fah Assassin
Aura of Displacement Urkal the Ambusher - Ferndale - Dredge
Maximole - Ferndale - Unknown (Revolt of the Dredge Quest Only)
Beguiling Haze Warden of Saprophytes - Ferndale - Warden
Razorfang Hazeclaw - Gyala Hatchery - Unknown
Falaharn Mistwarden - Morostav Trail - Warden
Dark Apostasy Darkroot Entrop - Mourning Veil Falls - Undergrowth
Arius, Dark Apostle - Rhea's Crater - Outcast
Flashing Blades Waeng - The Undercity - Am Fah Assassin (Assist the Guards Quest only)
Lou, of the Knives - Shenzun Tunnels - Am Fah Assassin
Locust's Fury Chkkr Locust Lord - Melandru's Hope - Unknown
Moebius Strike Bramble Everthorn - The Eternal Grove - Undergrowth
Palm Strike Kenshi Steelhand - Bukdek Byway - Jade Brotherhood Assassin
Seeping Wound Shreader Sharptongue - Xaquang Skyway - Vermin
Shadow Form The Afflicted Soon Kim - Sunjiang District (Explorable) - Afflicted
The Afflicted Senku - Eternal Grove - Afflicted
The Afflicted Senku - Unwaking Waters (Mission) - Afflicted
Shadow Shroud Shrouded Oni - Unwaking Waters - Oni
Shroud of Silence Bound Vizu - Tahnnakai Temple - Construct (Kill boss first and cap to avoid cutscene interruption)
Silent Ancient Onata - Raisu Palace (Mission) - Oni
Siphon Strength Ssaresh Rattler - Maishang Hills - Naga
Temple Strike Assassin's Construct - Sunjiang District (Mission) - Shiro'Ken
Assassin's Construct - Silent Surf - Shiro'Ken
Way of the Empty Palm
Lord Senkai - Boreas Seabed - Am Fah Assassin (The Halcyon Job Quest Only)